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Online Conference Registration System

OCRS Overview

OCRS is an online conference registration and payment system for use by WSU Extension and CAHNRS.

Features include:

Payment forms accepted:

  • Credit card
  • Check (mail in)
  • Purchase order
  • IRI
  • No fee (free events)

Requirements for managing events with OCRS:

  • Workshop account (to track revenue & expenses)
  • Trans code (to move credit card revenue into the workshop account)
  • A log-in (email address) and password for OCRS
    If you do not have these, you can get started by using the OCRS Account Request Form

OCRS is not an accounting system. It can track revenue, but it does not track expenses.

OCRS is not an all-encompassing Web site for your event. You will need to set up separate pages for the event overview, agenda, accommodations, speakers, etc. Then you link from these event pages to your OCRS registration page.

Event Management allows you to:

  • Create events
  • Edit events
  • Copy events
  • Set event status: inactive (testing), active, cancelled, completed, archived

Event scheduling allows you to structure:

  • One day events
  • Multi-day events
  • Concurrent sessions
  • Other items (banquet tickets, field trips, etc.)

Reports include:

  • Snapshot: number of attendees, session information, fee information
  • Attendee lists
  • Outstanding payment
  • Badge (name tag) data for merging

Cost for using OCRS:

$30 set-up, plus $1.00 per user per event

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Quick Reference

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