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FAQs for Current OCRS Users

Last revised 09/17/12.
By Jim Boyer

  1. How can I make a credit card payment for an attendee after they have signed up?
    If you need to make a group payment: on the events tab, select your event and click Admin group register.  Select the group, click “Add a member or make a payment,” click next, click next, enter payment information and click “pay.”

    If you need to make an individual payment: click on the attendees tab, click “Handle payments and check-in,” select your event, click next, select attendee, click next, enter payment information and click “submit.”

    Alternative method for individual payment: click events tab, select the event, click “admin register,” click “Modify existing registration,” click on the attendee, click next, click next on the name/address information, click next past registration type, click next past sessions, click next past other items, click next past summary, select payment type, click pay, fill in information and click “pay.”
  2. How can I transfer a payment from one attendee to another?  From one event to another?
    There are three steps to transfer payment:

    First, find the attendee ID of the attendee from which you want to transfer payment.  This can be found on the “attendee details” page.  From the home tab, search for the attendee by name, email address or whichever option is easiest.  Click on the attendee from the results.  Near the top is a field that says “Attendee ID.”  This number is the attendee ID.

    Second, issue a refund to the attendee for the amount to transfer to the new attendee: under the attendees tab, click “handle payments and check-in.”  Select the event, click next, select the attendee, click next, select “refund” as payment type.  Set the payment amount to the amount you wish to refund.    Select “no fee/no payment required” for the payment method and click submit.

    Third, sign up the attendee for the new event, if they are not already signed up.  For payment type, select “Payment Transfer” and enter the attendee ID in the text box.  Submit the payment.
  3. An attendee signed themselves up twice.  How can I cancel one of their accounts?
    Under the events tab, select the event for which the attendee has two records.  Click admin register and click “modify existing registration.”  If the attendee has already paid for one of the records, select the record without payment.  If both records have been paid for, select either duplicate record.  Click next to get to the attendee information page and click next.  On this page, select a registration type of cancellation.  Click next to sessions, click next to other items, click next to the summary page, click next for payment.  At the payment page, select “No fee/No payment required” and click pay.  The attendee record has been cancelled.
  4. An attendee couldn’t remember their password and their account is now locked or disabled.  How can I unlock it?
    Please contact Bill Bonner ( or Jim Boyer ( with the attendee’s name and email address.
  5. How can I do a test signup?
    Test signups can only be done when an event is set to inactive.  Click on the events tab, select your event and then click “test signup.”  The test signups will be automatically removed when the event is set to active.
  6. Can I limit the number of attendees for an event?
    Currently, the only way to limit the number of attendees for an event is to set the session max attendees field for a session.  This can be found by clicking the “Session has separate location, fees and dates from main event” checkbox under the sessions/sub events button while editing the event.

    Please note there is a possibility of overbooking if multiple groups sign up at once.
  7. How do I refund an attendee’s payment?
    Click on the attendees tab and select which refund you wish to issue. 

    If the payment was made with a credit or debit card, you must manually fill out paperwork for a refund.  The form can be found under the attendees tab in the system or at .  Click on “forms index,” then click on “C.”  Scroll down to Credit Card Refund Voucher. 

    Contact Linda Loos ( ) if you have questions about the refund process.
  8. An attendee signed up online and selected the “not attending” option when they wanted to attend the event.  How can this be fixed?
    The attendee must be signed up again.  Do this by clicking on the events tab, selecting the event, clicking admin register and then select “No, create a new account.”  A new account must be created because the attendee’s email address is already associated with the event, so a new account with a new email address must be used.  The system can generate an email address for you by unchecking the “Attendee provided an email address” check box.

    The original not attending record will not show up in event rosters or be counted in session attendee counts.
  9. I modified an event and it no longer shows in the events list.  What happened?
    The event’s status was probably set to “archived.”  This makes it not show up in the event list.  Click the “archives” tab to view archived events.  If the event is there, click on it and click “Set event status to inactive and return it to the events tab” button.  After returning the event to the events list, remember the event’s status is now inactive.  Change it to active if the event should be receiving public signups.
  10. An attendee signed up for the wrong event.  How can they be moved to the proper event?
    If the attendee has not made a payment yet, use admin register to set their registration type to cancellation.  Remove them from any sessions by unchecking the checkbox next to the session, remove any other items they have signed up for by setting the quantity to zero, then make a “no fee/no payment required” payment to update their record.  Then use admin register to sign the attendee up for the correct event.

    If the attendee has already paid for the wrong event, issue refunds for the sessions by using the session refunds link under the attendees tab.  Once all of their sessions have been completely refunded, refund any other items.  Use admin register to set their registration type to cancellation and remove them from the sessions and other items.  Then use admin register to sign the attendee up for the correct event.

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